During a recent meeting with a sales executive, he recognized that he struggles with #sayingno. He recounted myriad negative implications this has on his work and personal life: difficulty prioritizing, not consistently following through on his commitments, poor health and work-life balance. I asked him, “What are you saying no to every time you say yes?” This was a revelation to him – that in every situation, he was making a choice, conscious or not, about what he would get his time, attention, and effort.


Earlier that same day, I’d ended a work contract that I’d cherished for years. By spending time and energy on that contract, I was saying “no” to other professional opportunities that would better serve my current and future objectives.


Part of #enduranceleadership is having the self-discipline to say no to things that might have enticing short-term benefits but don’t benefit the long game.


What are you saying “no” to by saying “yes” to other things? How might that impact your #longtermgoals and #endurance mindset?