What our clients say


Here’s what some of Ann’s clients and colleagues have enjoyed about working with her:


Executive Director

“We hired Ann Bowers-Evangelista to perform an organizational review within our organization. Her professionalism and keen listening skills quickly earned her valuable trust. She worked extremely well with all levels of employees, including rank-and-file and executive-level employees and Board members. She partnered well with me and other key individuals, balancing keeping to deadlines with showing great flexibility as the project progressed. She showed remarkable skill in synthesizing all of the data, leading to a report which identified important themes, made findings and offered recommendations. The credibility of her report and presentation to key leaders in the organization led to the adoption of her report and all of its recommendations.”

John McColl
EVP Development, Cousins Properties

“Ann was my executive coach for the better part of two years. While our work together began with a focus on improving my interpersonal skills to enhance business presence, there was always a focus on the improvement of the whole person to increase my overall effectiveness in pursuit of my responsibilities related to managing strategic direction, building organizational strength, challenging peers and leaders and effectiveness in my personal life. Ann was particularly helpful in providing an ear for my weekly frustrations but always helping me realize my own blind spots and providing tools for coping. During our work together I became more aware of my impact on others and a more effective executive within my company as well as leader within my community efforts. Even when we had reached our initial goals for the coaching exercise, I decided to hire Ann personally because I found her insight and relationship invaluable to my success. I know Ann is there to coach me whenever I need her and she would do the same for any of her clients. I strongly recommend Ann.”

Bob White
Vice President , Human Resources & Organizational Development

“Ann has provided exemplary services to our company on a number of occasions and in a variety of ways. Her presentation and facilitation skills are second to none and the creativity and depth she brings to program design is extraordinary. However, it is as an executive coach and partner in leadership development initiatives where Ann’s value has been most impactful. She is a capable business partner in whom I have complete trust. Ann is skillful at developing relationships and helping her executive client gain the most from their time together. She helps people gain insights which propel them towards a higher level of self-awareness and business success. I enthusiastically endorse Ann as an Executive Coach and business consultant.”

Jim Soggs
Vice President, Human Resources

“I am pleased to recommend Ann. I have found her professional counsel to be extremely insightful and an important component in advancing our business in those markets where she has worked for us. Ann’s keen business acumen, as well as a common-sense based style make her an excellent consultant to any business interested in unlocking the power and full potential of their human capital.”

Mari Fridenmaker
President & Head Coach, Blue Iron Coaching, LLC

“Sometimes the coach needs a coach! As a full-time Professional Triathlon Coach, I reached a point in my career in which I needed to take my business to the next level. With Ann’s help, I am on my way! After working closely with Ann for six months, I now find myself feeling much more confident when talking to potential clients about my services and the fees. She provided me with tools that helped me focus on what was important and take action to make changes.

Ann’s coaching style is no-nonsense. She wanted to know what was important to me so we could stay on task. Ann is a terrific listener. There were times in which we were focusing on an issue, she would pick up on something subtle and our focus would change. She instinctively knew there was an underlying issue needed addressed. Ann held me accountable. We would discuss and agree on worthwhile tasks and realistic due dates ahead of time. Working with Ann was exactly what I needed to continue my journey getting to the next level.”


Karen Steadman, PhD
Leadership Futures Inc., Founder & CEO

“I have only the highest of recommendations for Ann. We have worked together in many venues: client relationships, professional consulting relationships, and co-presentation at professional conferences. I never have any doubts with Ann. With clients, she is superb. You can count on diligence, teamwork, and stellar client work with clients who expect the best and the brightest (example, finance vertical who is typically skeptical about human capital consulting immediately sees value in Ann’s advice). As a fellow consultant, Ann is a fantastic partner who finds win-win’s and allots time to the behind the scenes work that is required for teams to work well together to exceed client expectations.

As a co-presenter for professional conferences, we have received strong reviews for three reasons:

  1. Ann prepares months ahead of time and makes it look easy in the moment because of her preparation, and
  2. she is current with the research, and
  3. she is articulate and great on her feet to help engage the audience and make everyone feel like time is well spent.

I have known Ann for years and hope to work with her for many more.”