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Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. 


Stress.  Burnout.  Exhaustion.  Uncertainty.  Anxiety.  These sentiments, shared by many leaders in our current work age, reflect the challenges of managing results and performance under intense and incessant pressure.  The constant demand for higher productivity, 24/7 connection, and market and global uncertainty makes it impossible for many leaders to keep pace.  The response is to metaphorically “sprint to the finish,” but what happens when the finish line is not in sight?  In the long term, leaders can lose energy and focus, develop chronic stress, or experience burnout, anxiety, or decreased motivation.

Based on strategies deployed by endurance athletes and successful lifelong business leaders, The Endurance Leader provides a complete self-management system to thrive not for a moment but a lifetime.

The Endurance Leader can be delivered through individual coaching, small or large-group training, and soon in an online course.

The Endurance Leader Individual Coaching

Are you an early or mid-career high-potential leader or executive who finds leadership exciting but also exhausting? Do you look at leaders above you in your organization who are NOT the model of longevity and think to yourself, “I don’t want to be like that!” Do you wonder how you will keep up your stamina, excitement, and resilience over the next couple of decades so you can continue to be a high-performing, committed leader? Are you looking for a way to achieve what is most important to you? A “yes” in these areas might indicate you are ready for The Endurance Leader Coaching. This is coaching for your agenda, to help you with the inner work that will help you lead yourself, others, and the organization with greater energy, capacity, and longevity.

Using The Endurance Leader model, we identify short and long-term goals, develop strategies for embedding The Endurance Leader principles into your everyday leadership, and activate behaviors and accountabilities to help you stay on track.  Click here to schedule time to discuss activating your long-term leadership now.

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The Endurance Leader Training and Group Coaching

While The Endurance Leader is an individualized program, your team can reap significant benefits from working through the model together. Groups find the model a great way to think longer-term about personal and organizational goals and an excellent resource for leveraging support, holding one another accountable, and finding time to utilize the action-reflection cycle. Click here to learn more.

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