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Dr. Ann Bowers-Evangelista

Ann ignites passion, purpose, and clarity in executives and teams seeking long-term leadership success. For the past two decades, she has leveraged her experience as a psychologist, MBA, leadership expert, and endurance athlete to maximize human potential and business results. Through her trusted advisorship, senior teams and individuals solve some of their most vexing people and culture problems. Organizations seek Ann’s assessment proficiency to select and develop top talent. As a coach, Ann builds leaders’ mindset, discipline, and behavior to lead at the top of their game. As a public speaker, she provides expertise on building enduring, high-performing leadership, talent selection and development, coaching teams, conflict, negotiation, feedback, managing future generations, and unique opportunities for executive women. She works in both private and public sector, with Fortune 500 firms, startups, private equity, NGOs, the US military, and nonprofits.

Ann is a Licensed Psychologist, a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Alexcel Group, among others. She is certified in a variety of individual and team psychometric tools and has completed several coaching programs. She is currently studying the intersection between success in endurance athletics and long-term leadership success.

An Ironman triathlete and endurance runner, Ann brings her high-performance focus and results orientation to bear in her work, family, and community. She is a prolific volunteer and fundraiser for the US Air Force, the American Red Cross, Back on My Feet, and Vital Voices.

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Llumos – a derivative of the latin word for “light”

Ann’s Background

  • Began career in mental health and clinical work
  • Started leadership/organizational consulting in 1999
  • Worked for 14 years in consulting psychology firms before starting Llumos in 2012
  • Coached over 500 leaders, from first-time managers to CEOs
  • Consulted with over 200 companies, including startups, NGOs, and Fortune and FTSE 100 companies
  • Spouse of active-duty military leader, two grown stepdaughters

Passions and Interests

  • Endurance athlete for 20+ years, completing more than 60 events in swimming, biking, running, triathlon, aquabike, and duathlon
  • Raised over $25,000 for nonprofits through “fundracing”
  • Serve on boards of several nonprofits, as well as volunteer in community-based and national nonprofit organizations
  • Learning Italian
  • On the weekends, you will find Ann: triathlon training, hiking, traveling, or working with her spouse on their 100-year-old Craftsman home in DC


Our engagements require a foundation of trust. We hold confidentiality as our core framework and engage clients with transparency and honesty.

We provide services as effectively and efficiently as possible and ensure solutions are 100% satisfactory before an engagement is complete.

All organizations deserve the very best in leadership. We expect our clients to make the tough decisions necessary to achieve greatness. Without stress, there is no growth.

We are committed to maintaining a consultancy that is data-driven, timely, and relevant. We invest in tools, relationships, and collaborations that can help us maintain a present-day focus.

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