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Leadership Ignited

Cultivating agile, resilient leadership that thrives in the complexity and urgency of today’s business demands.

Client Solutions

Today’s work world is increasingly complex, unpredictable, and demanding. It requires leaders and teams with vision, commitment, and staying power.

Llumos helps you illuminate the path forward that can be obscured by uncertainty or blocked due to organizational limitations, team conflict, or a lack of clarity. We are the flame that ignites potential, fuels momentum, and kicks inertia to the curb.

About Llumos


Talent Selection and Development

Are your 20th Century hiring and retention practices living up to your 21st Century goals? Let’s talk about how to build the right strategies and tools to ensure you get – and keep – the very best people.

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Executive Leadership and Coaching

We all need help sometimes to lead at our best. Executive coaching can be a game-changer to raise your leadership to the next level. Let’s talk about cultivating a solution that fits your unique goals and ambitions.

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Building Resilient Teams

The ways in which people work together has completely transformed in the past several years; how have you responded to the call for more resilient, dynamic, flexible, and engaged teams? Let’s talk about bringing a fresh approach that will have your team thriving and producing consistent success.

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Are you looking for someone to bring energy, insights, and accountability to your next team session or offsite? I bring fresh market knowledge, a psychologist’s perspective, and a no-nonsense business practicality to my speaking engagements and group facilitations. Let’s talk about how you can benefit from the perspective of an objective, high-energy, experienced business psychologist.

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Endurance Leadership

Do you know how to lead from your best, at your best? Do you have a leadership approach that will ensure your success and fulfillment for decades? Or does it seem like you are sprinting a marathon, constantly feeling behind, stressed, and overwhelmed? Let’s talk about building a leadership style that ensures your success and satisfaction for tomorrow and decades to come.

Let’s talk endurance

Ann’s keen business acumen and common-sense style make her an excellent consultant to any business interested in unlocking the power and full potential of its human capital.

JS, VPHRDistribution Company

Ann provides superior "partnership" - the feeling that she is always a part of the team versus a consultant.

DF, SVPHR and ComplianceEngineering Services

Over the past eight years, Ann’s professionalism and keen listening skills have earned her credibility and valuable trust in our organization, from employees to Trustees.

LL, Managing DirectorNGO

Ann helped me increase my overall effectiveness in managing strategic direction, building organizational strength, challenging others, and effectiveness in my personal life.

JM, EVPCommercial Real Estate Development

Ann provided me with valuable insight and coaching to help me chart an action plan and determine how to manage the next steps with employees and clients.

GS, FounderSocial-Impact Advisory Company

Ann understands me and gets who I am, and her advice is always thoughtful, tactful, and feasible for me to put into action.

LC, CEOEducation Company

Ann combines business acumen, a commonsense approach, and relational skills to help executives succeed in today’s workplace.

TM, SVPManufacturing Company

Coaching our senior leaders, Ann has proven to be relatable, but also holds them accountable and is a source of support for their continuous development.

AL, HR DirectorConstruction Company