Private Equity Solutions

If you are a private equity or venture capital firm, Llumos has a host of resources to help you secure and harness exceptionally well-led organizations. Our Assessment practice can help gauge the strengths and weaker areas of the leadership team, shedding critical light onto your go-forward buying decision or role selection post-close.  Llumos’ Executive Coaching tools can help move B-players to A-players, or grow successor candidates for C-suite positions within the company (or the portfolio).  The Organizational Review process is a critical tool in your evaluation toolkit, to help you understand the broader challenges and opportunities that exist within a potential or recent buy.  Training can provide your portfolio companies with the right resources and tools to ensure they are continuously delivering at the highest level.

Your world is unique – and your talent solutions should be, too.  Talk with us about how to ensure you get – and keep –  A-players, to maximize your return on your leadership investment.

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