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Llumos, LLC is a boutique management consultancy based in Washington, DC, United States. We are passionate about igniting great organizational and personal leadership performance to deliver critical business results. We work with C-suite executives, Boards, and emerging leaders in the private equity space, private- and publicly-held companies, the public sector, and nonprofits. We do not specialize by industry, but instead offer  unique, customized services that meet the unique needs of each client. Our expertise in illuminating and harnessing talent makes it easier for each client to spend their time on their areas of expertise – achieving superior business results.

For individuals

The best leadership behaviors – making excellent decisions, inspiring others, discerning priorities – happen when you are giving time and energy to all aspects of life. Have you ever erred on a critical decision because you were so tired you couldn’t focus? Have you had a run-in with your boss or colleague, only to realize you were stressed about something at home? When was the last time you had a device-free evening or exercised at least three times a week?  Have you had a health scare recently that has made you question, “How long can I keep doing this?”

The purposeful integration of work and life has a very real impact on your ability to perform at your very best.  As experts in whole-life leadership, we will help you approach your energy and time with intentionality, and assist you in creating exceptional results not only at work, but also in health, home, and community.

For organizations

We help illuminate and overcome the leadership-related obstacles that can inevitably crop up on the path to business success. Have you ever made a critical bad hire at the executive level? Seen a previously successful department that’s suddenly taking a performance nosedive? Perhaps you’re faced with several key retirements and a dearth of talent to assume the roles? Have you been part of a merger that’s required an immediate need to adapt?

As experts in executive selection, individual and team development, performance management, and change management, we help organizations like yours address these leadership challenges, getting you to your goals faster.

Groups, communities, associations

Great leadership is not the exclusive domain of corporate structures; it can yield exponential results in non-corporate settings, as well. In addition to the services listed above, Llumos provides education, training and public speaking across the US on a host of market-relevant topics to industry associations, communities, public organizations, and not-for-profits.


  • “Endurance Leadership” model of executive coaching to building lifelong leadership
  • Executive assessments and development to build and keep a roster of A-players
  • Individual and team development to shift performance from good to great
  • Change management consulting to maximize M&A and integration initiatives
  • Organizational assessment to strengthen functions and leadership for enhanced success
  • Facilitation and training on today’s most vexing organizational and leadership challenges


“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”
– Steve Jobs

Is your organization’s leadership setting a high bar for excellence? What are your practices for hiring and developing superior leaders, leaders who can ignite your organization to greater performance?

At Llumos, we believe that stocking your organization with great leaders is not a process left to chance. Yet, many still cling to age-old methodologies for hiring and promotion that are about as accurate as the flip of a coin. For example, how many of these strategies or pitfalls do you find yourself using?

  • Relying heavily on ‘gut reaction’ to a candidate (followed closely by its cousins, hiring someone you know or hiring someone who reminds you of yourself)
  • Hiring the resume (rather than the person)
  • Using trick questions to try and catch the candidate off guard
  • Overusing hypothetical scenarios which allow the candidate to hypothesize what they might do, versus what they have done
  • Basing most of your hiring decision on personality tests or other psychometric data
  • Hiring based on need/expediency to fill the position

While some of these may be familiar or comfortable, research shows that what you ask in an interview is critically important to predictive success on the job. Meta-analytic studies estimate the predictive validity of interviews range from .37-.57, with the structure of the interview being a primary moderator. This means that 25% of an individual’s job performance can be explained with a well-designed interview.* With the cost of a bad hire estimated anywhere from 4-15x salary, putting a great hiring assessment in place is not only a good strategy, but it is also critical for business success.

At Llumos, we believe multi-method assessment strategies are critical to our clients landing the A-player for the job.  A sampling of our methodologies:

  • Competency-based scorecards for evaluating candidate fit against real job requirements
  • Behaviorally-based interviewing methods that focus on actual past behavior (the best predictor of future behavior)
  • A structured interview process with an experienced, well-trained assessor
  • Selective use of well-validated psychological tools
  • Simulation-based assessments that provide real-time insight into candidate behavior
  • An in-depth reference check information
  • Candidate-to-candidate comparisons

Take a look around your organization: are there A-players as far as the eye can see? If so, congratulations! You know how to hire and keep an all-star roster. On the other hand, if that list above feels a bit close to home, perhaps it’s time you contacted us. We will help you select and develop the very best leaders to ignite your organization to new success.

Our clients report a 90+% success rate in hiring the right candidate using our strategies. Come find out what makes this process so unique and how it can increase your odds of making a great hire, every time.

*Thank you to Sean Baldwin at HumRRO for help on these statistics.

Organizational reviews

Good organizations regularly review strategies, structures, and resources to ensure they are getting results. Great organizations create a culture of continuous improvement, seeking inputs and feedback from a variety of sources, demonstrating agility and hyper-responsiveness, and driving market-disrupting change for spectacular results (e.g., Uber and Amazon).

Whether you are seeking to move from great to greater, or just struggling to get expected results, Llumos’ Organizational Review solutions can help. By gaining a thorough knowledge of the business drivers, as well as leveraging a comprehensive interview process, we uncover the critical factors affecting organizational performance. We then provide clear, practical solutions to achieve breakthrough results.

Endurance Leadership Executive Coaching

An intensive development program designed to help experienced and emerging leaders create great results in their professional work while also deepening life satisfaction. By examining four critical life dimensions (work, health/wellness, family, and social/community), Endurance Leadership zeroes in on strengths and needs critical to success across this leadership spectrum. It then challenges the executive to shape a meaningful leadership identity through focused goals and actions. The result is a leader who is more professionally effective and personally fulfilled.

How does it differ from other Executive Coaching programs?

Most business coaching programs focus solely on immediate behaviors or skills that help leaders “get to the next level at work.” While important, work is only one dimension of leadership, and results tend to be short-lived and contextually based. Endurance Leadership challenges the executive to harness experiences and goals from all aspects of her/his life to fashion a long-term, whole-person leadership identity.

I only want to focus on being a more effective leader at work.

Moving from good to great as a leader in the workplace is a worthwhile goal in its own right, and we would be thrilled to help you achieve that goal alone if it is your choosing. We will ask you to consider examining the full potential of your leadership identity before making a final decision about your focus, however. Choosing to concentrate coaching efforts on any singular life dimension is a decision to spend much less coaching time and energy on the other elements of life that impact, and are impacted by, your leadership. Such a decision will be fully supported by your coach, provided it is done with intention and agreement.

What can I expect from the program?

  • A six-month (or longer) program customized to your unique leadership goals
  • A comprehensive report of your leadership-related strengths and development needs based on a wide array of collected data
  • A development plan designed to achieve your specific objectives and build your leadership identity
  • A highly skilled and experienced executive coach (15+years) with a pull-no-punches, pragmatic and energetic coaching style
  • Minimum of twice monthly meetings (live or phone), plus check-ins as needed
  • A host of tools and resources to support your leadership efforts
  • Sustained, positive change in your leadership, resulting in: better work results, enhanced work relationships, and improvements in core areas of life leadership

Is coaching worth the investment?

Are you motivated to turbo-charge your leadership effectiveness at work? Are you eager to enhance your impact on your wellness, your family, your social sphere/community? Do you believe you have more leadership potential than you are currently utilizing?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then coaching may be the right investment. The right coach can illuminate the path to great leadership in ways that are simply not possible with even the best education, training, feedback, and mentorship. Just like an athletic coach, an executive coach will push you, help you plan for success, pull you through challenges, and help you discover what’s possible in yourself.

Private equity solutions

Your world is unique, and your talent solutions should be, too.  Talk with us about how to ensure you get – and keep – an all-star team that will exceed your goals.

If you are a private equity or venture capital firm, Llumos has a host of resources to help maximize your investment in human capital.

  • Our Assessment practice identifies the strengths and weaker areas of leadership members teams, informing your go-forward buying decisions or role selections post-close.
  • Llumos’ Executive Coaching practice moves B-players to A-players and grows successor candidates for C-suite positions within the company (or portfolio).
  • Our Organizational Review process helps you understand the broader challenges and opportunities that exist within a potential or recent buy.
  • Our Training solutions provide your portfolio companies with the right resources and tools to consistently deliver at the highest level.