Creating agile, enduring leaders and teams who thrive in the complexity and urgency of today’s business demands.

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Dr. Ann Bowers-Evangelista

Helping our clients achieve long-lasting, superior performance through agile, emotionally intelligent, high-performing leaders and teams.

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“After working closely with Ann for six months, I now find myself feeling much more confident when talking to potential clients about my services and the fees. She provided me with tools that helped me focus on what was important and take action to make changes.”

“I have found Ann’s professional counsel to be extremely insightful and an important component in advancing our business… Ann’s keen business acumen, as well as a common-sense based style make her an excellent consultant to any business interested in unlocking the power and full potential of their human capital.”

“I have worked with Ann for more than 10 years with multiple companies and across multiple disciplines. I find her to be one of the best coaches (and advisers) I have experience with.”

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ann for many years. She’s an incredible coach and strategic thinker who provides her clients with a roadmap for success. She’s been a tremendous asset to me throughout my career.”

“It is as an executive coach and partner in leadership development initiatives where Ann’s value has been most impactful… helping her executive client gain the most from their time together. She helps people gain insights that propel them towards a higher level of self-awareness and business success.”

“Dr. Bowers-Evangelista has selflessly dedicated her personal time and experience with the men and women of the United States Air Force serving in Okinawa Japan. Her deliberate development has propelled Kadena Air Base’s mission capabilities and the 18th Wing’s 8,000 Airmen population.”

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